• Biotech Plants design and production
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  • Fermentation technologies
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  • Microbial products, Active Ingredients and Mediums
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  • Engineering Services and Scale-up
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Gibob has a valued expertise in engineering related to submerged fermentation (SmF), solid state fermentation (SSF) and the newly developed dynamic solid state fermentation (DSSF), thin film evaporation, waste water sludge processing to agriculture conditioners, agriculture matrixes upgrading to fertilizers, products upgrading by microbial supplementation, etc. Gibob can supply: fermentors (SmF), DSSF Bioreactors, recovery and downstream processing and formulation equipment, thin film evaporators, several types of drying equipment, turn-key plans, plants revamping, scale-up, etc.

Gibob srl engineering services


R&D, Tests and QC in Insubrias Biopark Hub

Gibob research and development activities, products, projects and plants are certified by its Insubrias Biopark Hub. The main available facilities either directly or by specific agreements are: large scientific library, about 15,000 strains bank, a very large secondary metabolites collection, fully equipped microbiology laboratories, fully equipped chemical and biochemical analysis laboratories, 10 SmF fermenter (2.5 litres to 300 litres), one 300 litres DSSF Bioreactor, high performing centrifuge, one freeze dryer, one line to produce mediums for SSF and DSSF, powder mixer and cultures fixator, mixing and storage tanks, maintenance workshop.

Gibob laboratories at Gerenzano, Italy

If you are after developing or starting-up your business in biochemical and biotechnological products you can find in Gibob an wide number of supports suitable to get your target by receiving decision making assistance as well as the development and supply of the related technologies, equipment and manufacturing plants. And more, if the products are for the human beings quality life upgrading. You can rely on confidentiality, availability and full assistance in any rising problem solving. Furthermore any cooperation with the clients is oriented to find out and to secure the best conditions to save capital investment and to avoid production wastes by converting them into products.

Gibob can help your business expansion

Sustainable Innovation and Circular Economy activities

Gibob is totally oriented to sustainable innovation and circular economy activities. A large share of Gibob resources are invested in R&D to secure continuing up-grading and novelty. Gibob is after new industrial ventures based on Gibob’s own patents, technologies, know-how and R&D outputs. Reputed Entrepreneurs can get novel business opportunities. Possible J.V. as well.