SmF Bioreactors

Suitable for completely automated submerged fermentation (SmF) under sterile conditions.

Our SmF Bioreactors are constructed according to our proprietary design, including specific hardware and software. Our plants operate as batch or semi-continuous fermenter, either in the automatic or manual mode.

Fermentation can be launched using a designed protocol stored into the plant PC or upon direct writing it as a new protocol on the touch PC.

The stored protocols can be easily modified at any time as required.
Operation control can be local from the control board or remote from your PC, tablet, or phone.

High fermentation performances

Record of all performed operations can be retrieved at any time including details of all the data shown at the desired time, with the precision of seconds.

Our system is useful to secure full production traceability either for Q.C. or data collection for R&D purpose.

The hydraulic, mechanical, electric, and electronic parts are of superior market quality meanwhile readily available from the market in the different geographies.


  • Easy to use software
  • High fermentaion efficiency
  • Retrievable data
  • Components and spare parts available commercially


  • Full automation for all phases
  • Local and remote controllable
  • Batch or semi-continuous operation
  • Validateable process

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