Gibob is a company specializing in Engineering, Plants and Biotechnology products for agriculture, food, beverages and feeds.

With our technology we can convert your waste into salable products: a double benefit for the environment and for your company business. In this section all our latest news and updates.


New waste-free Biotech production processes at Gibob

State of the art in Fermentation, December 2021 Production processes, including biotechnological processes, have among many known problems, waste that causes significant environmental, operational and economic problems. Clearly all the manufacturers would like to have minimum waste or no waste production processes. The known biotech production processes nowadays are performed via submerged phase (Submerged Fermentation, […]


Gibob srl is determined to grow!

To-day the company shareholder has subscribed and paid up an equity increase 10,000 to 50,000 Euro. The notary public in Milano has drawn up the deed that is going to be registered within few days. The act is to grant the company a more adequate financial standing as proof of confidence in the future grow […]


New Machinery for the SSF/DSSF mediums production

Today Gibob has received a new machinery for the SSF/DSSF mediums production. With the new machinery the company will be capable to produce 200 kg/shift of any grade mediums for SSF/DSSF.