Active Agriculture Ingredient (AAI)

AAI-EGLO is a living active ingredient, made of viable/spent mycelium and viable spores, for products for agriculture, that is a concentrate suitable to supplement and enhance the various products you are interested in, useful to plants, in many different forms. Powder or micro-granules.

Specific activities:

  • High biostimulation effect thanks to the production of high rate of indoleacetic acid (auxin)
  • It can produce gibberellins (growth hormone)
  • Produce of useful enzymes and secondary metabolites
  • Effective stimulation of plants resistance against Fusarium oxisporum and Fusarium spp

Suggested applications:

  • Supplementation of compounds with bio-stimulation activity
  • Supplementation of compounds helping plants resistance to biotic and abiotic stress
  • Suitable to form consortia with other compatible microorganisms, either in powder or other solid forms
  • Suitable for supplementation (enrichment) of fertilizers
  • Suitable to be mixed with other granules to be mechanically distributed

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