New waste-free Biotech production processes at Gibob

State of the art in Fermentation, December 2021

Production processes, including biotechnological processes, have among many known problems, waste that causes significant environmental, operational and economic problems.

Clearly all the manufacturers would like to have minimum waste or no waste production processes. The known biotech production processes nowadays are performed via submerged phase (Submerged Fermentation, acronym SmF), or via solid phase (Solid State Fermentation, acronym SSF) that, generallly, is static.

In SmF processes, wastes are liquids containing solids, which can be separated into liquids and solids. The liquid ones are sent to wastewater treatment plants, which are very expensive both in terms of capital investments and operating costs, as well as environmental and energy problems. The solids must be disposed of according to the regulations in force and represent an additional cost and problem.

In SSF (and also DSSF) processes there are only solid waste, so they do not need wastewater treatment plants. However, most of the processes use disposable plastic bags, thus also running into the problems of plastic.

For this purpose, Gibob has recently developed a Bioreactor and a dynamic process for SSF (Dynamic Solid state Fermentation, acronym DSSF), patented and now managed exclusively by GIBOB srl.

Circular economy in the world of waste treatments

Thanks to the Bioreactor and the new DSSF fermentation process, a new way of managing solid and liquid waste is emerging and brings with it an epochal paradigm shift.

The new production processes of GIBOB (based on SSF or DSSF) do not generate any waste when used to treat vital biomass (agricultural products, probiotics, food products, pharmaceutical products based on vital biomass, biomass endometabolites, etc.). For these products, in particular, the innovative SSF or DSSF processes allow to directly obtain products based on high concentration vital biomass, without any waste, in a short time.

GIBOB called the new processes “Recycling System Processes” (rsp)

Today GIBOB uses its recycling system in static or dynamic conditions according to the treatment needs, with proprietary instruments for the SSF and with its patented multipurpose Bioreactor for the DSSF.

The static process, called SSFrsp (Solid State Fermentation Recycling System Process) is easily achievable and expandable to obtain high rates of Vital Biomass in a short time, at low cost and without waste.

The dynamic process, called DSSFrsp (Dynamic Solid State Fermentation Recycling System Process) requires the GIBOB Multipurpose Bioreactor (DSSF) and allows to obtain high percentages of vital biomass in a short time, with lower costs thanks to the reduced need for labor and without waste.

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