Why choose Gibob

We can help you to reach your endpoint, overcoming difficulties

Thanks to our integrated qualified group of Professionals and Companies we can successfully carry out a large number of projects. To day Gibob can provide  several services and support for several activities such as:

  • Master plans and Business plans design and working out;
  • Evaluation of the several available technologies and recommendation of the most convenient ones;
  • Providing your required technologies transfer;
  • Scale-up industrialization of your novel positive research outputs;
  • Studying new products of your interest and supplying you with the knowledge for your production, otherwise to supply you directly as tall manufacturer;
  • Reducing waste production and/or converting waste into saleable products;
  • Supplying tailor made equipment and plants on turn-key basis.

A trusted Partner for your public calls for projects

Furthermore, Gibob can partner with you in answering to Public Calls for Projects, inventing or cooperating in choosing the appropriate project for the call, working out the technical files to be submitted to the funding body. We can take an active rule in funded project management  and lead them to full success. This all, thanks to our experience in several successful application to calls for projects and performance of successfully winned projects.


Applied R&D activities are our must for any business to secure continuing up-grading and novelty.

All our affords, either in R&D or in assisting and supplying our Clients are driven by Sustainable innovation principle as well as by Circular economy principles.

Therefore we find out and suggest,  for each business, activities that can well fit and integrate all the other activities of the same business, caring synergies at any level, so getting the maximum  effectiveness.

We secure to make full use of any resource, to avoid products losses, to reduce or convert wastes, to save energy, to care the environment, to facilitate connection with global activities: it is to enter Circular Economy, in which everybody is gaining.  

Gibob is always after creating and proposing to entrepreneurs “the new” or at least “the upgraded”, so allowing for developing an expandible business, suitable to satisfy society needs, to minimize the required capital investment, to be beneficial or not harming the environment, to make use of any resource optimizing the business.

Sharing our business concept, reputed Entrepreneurs can get novel business opportunities, based on Gibob’s own patents, technologies, know-how, R&D outputs and full cooperation. To guarantee the soundness of our supplies and to secure continuing assistance and innovation to the Entrepreneurs, taking a stake into the new business can be evaluated by Gibob.